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The healing space has 10 windows with lots of Sun and high vibration.

You are your own Project to work on.
I won't change you fix me doesn't work.

What is Healing?
- Becoming Whole.

We all are here to learn, elevate to go to the next level - Spiritual revolution is necessary.

When you are truthful to yourself, genuine power of integrity and strength generates.
No need to hide in the dark shadow.
Avoiding true self only gets you fragmented and shattered pieces of you,
and chaos and confusion follows - So many unnecessary ideas you will create to avoid.
You get entrapped in the loop.
When you manipulate yourself, you also do the same to the others.

Unresolved trauma will become karma.

Solitude is a privilege.
It's a secret that connects you to the deepest level of yourself.

It all started out as one tiny dot of light vibrating in the vastness of pitch dark galaxy.

My aura - taken on 1/27/2024. Will keep elevating and expanding.

The North Star

Always saw  a huge bright star in my vision as a child
It says
When you lose direction
Just  look at me and follow me

Go and find out

Explore without Fear!

You will have no safety
You will have freedom

The Himalayas

I have been climbing my own Himalayas ever since I launched to this lifetime
It has been a non stop Saga of realization, learning, purification, and a forging process

I can say
I am who I am

It's getting a lot easier and I can see the wide angle of views

Star gate

Who knows how long it took
Maybe eons of life times
The tiny dot has never stopped growing and glowing to expand
And became Huge Light!
No darkness can cover it

Because I came out from the darkness
I know what it is like
I am not afraid of darkness
I know
Who you are...
No game will be played
You already lost


In 1995 or 1996
In the wilderness, the desert
No interruption by any
Only me and the majestic nature

I couldn't even breathe in the Authenticity of Awe from Them
I had no other choice but to be humble
Felt so small and tiny like a dot
Smaller than an ant

A frightening sense of safety
The sizzling Sun was burning to purify the human

The Vortex energy penetrated, wrapped, and took over me

My own way of experiencing Cosmic Moments

From the irresistible enormous vibrations that no word can describe
I was spinning feeling dizzy
collapsed and found myself knelt down


My forehead  touched the surface of the hot desert
The water pouring out from the eyes cooled down the forehead a bit

I am nothing
I am precious to You..

The body felt like a feather
Layers of old heavy worn out energetic coats were taken off by themselves
Cannot know how to describe it in human language (Has no inner dimensions)

Freed from...

And there started movements
The energy made the human move
(There are some fancy labels for it but I do not care)
All the joints were freed
Even all the joints in fingers were freed and moving in circular motions
Small circles became big
In the big circles there were small circles

The Circles

Unlocking, unblocking, freeing...
And to become One with the energy
Choreography by the Universe
It is beautiful
Jumping with joy
It is still showing through my Tai Chi Quan movements

The Union with the Vortex energy is still in me and with me
And has become a big part of my Healing Gears.

Ultimate Gratitude
As Always

Not New Age lollipops or delusion.
Totally the opposite.
Old Age humans are more familiar with those actually.

I had to heal myself first
and should be able to see behind the illusions of darkness.
Now I can.

The preparations were not done by me.
Not my plan either.
The Plan was already preset before I came here.
Not done yet.
More are coming.
There is no end to human Evolution - Spiritual elevation, the Goal.



"They do not realize that their mental disturbances of worry, egotism, and so on, and their spiritual blindness to the divine meaning of life are the real causes of all human misery.

When a man has destroyed mental bacteria of intolerance, rage, and fear, and has freed his soul from ignorance, he is unlikely to suffer from physical disease or mental lack"

“Realizing that man’s body is like an electric battery, I reasoned that it could be recharged with energy through the direct agency of human will.

As no action, slight or large, is possible without willing, man can avail himself of this prime mover — Will — to renew his bodily tissues without burdensome apparatus or mechanical exercises. In the simple Yogoda techniques, the life force, centered in man’s medulla oblongata (located in the brain stem which regulates the heart and lung functions), can be consciously and instantly recharged from the unlimited supply of Cosmic energy."

Paramahansa Yogananda

=>My partial and humble interpretation with simple and basic words for above

Many are suffering from themselves regardless of the past, present situations.
They cannot see the obstacles and pain as the tools and methods can be used for strengthening their inner power for Connection to themselves and the Higher.

And they let the False self exploit the True self, Dignity, Authenticity, Integrity, and destroy their Spirits.

There is a dark pleasure of being a victim.


My cup and journal

"From the absolute solitude - The best way to have Cosmic connection and meet Self.
One of the most powerful moments.
I was privileged to experience it.

There connected an umbilical cord to the Source.
The Only Truth I can say with confidence is that
I am on the right Path.

Wind has found its route to go.
Even when the whole world gets blackout,
I have my own generator to create Light.

The biggest Theme of life I have figured out and learned is
Light vs Darkness.(nothing to do with religion)


Doraji flower, AKA Balloon flowers.
Picture taken by Erin Scheffels, Upstate NY.

Revolution: Seeker mode

Evolution: Spiritual warrior mode. Spirituality is Reality.

Ascension: Transformation, I am Me. I am Who I am.
Pictures are taken at my rooftop by Me.



“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

"Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born.”

― Nikola Tesla/An extraterrestrial being in a human form.