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acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Healing,Brooklyn, NY

Doraji Acupuncture and Herbs offers healing in all levels —
Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual as one unit because that is what we are(unless we are humanoids or androids). I know what I am talking about but it is not easy to convey the depth in verbal language.

In a nutshell, people go for TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) for the big Map of Physical, mental, emotional pain, wounds, imbalances, many labels of illness, and for Spiritual connection with Self or Higher dimensions - at least in this practice.
Instead of questioning what TCM can do, ask yourself what your true Goal would be.
I am telling you when Ego and Fear are involved, it becomes a Hide and Seek game with self and being on a hamster wheel.
You feel ready but not really ready.
This practice welcomes Spiritual Warriors or who wants to become one of them.

I won't change you fix me - This is a game, they are not even aware of it - does not work in this practice.
It is not about what human language we speak, when we speak similar energetic language(vibrations), the communications, healing process, and progress will be a lot easier, smoother, and faster.
Acupuncture needles are made of nothing but stainless steel however it is more about Who is conducting the whole orchestra.

I have been climbing my own Himalayas persistently and consistently
with barefoot for me to get There.
I am sure this journey has been going on and continuing for so many life times that
I don't even recall.
I cannot fathom how high the mountains are,
Which part of the mountains I am at right now.
How much more I have to go.
How much longer it would take.
But I just keep going for my own evolution.
To be on this path, I needed to, had to go through stages, purification, and rough roads until my vibrations connected and to be in tune.
Those are my disciplines and training.

The Callings ever since I have launched to this life

The Divine dilemma, and Karma have never allowed me to take a break from going up,
There has been a no short cut.
It was a cruel Mercy and Blessings.
I had to learn to surrender and it almost cost my life.
And the thick surface of glacier began to melt slowly.
I am able to see more and more...
Going forward toward ' Wholeness to become a Whole Being' is the biggest purpose
and one of the primary reasons and purposes for my existence.
A micro universe aligning with the Universe is
- My term of 'Connection'
- The Ultimate stage
I am still keeping climbing until the last breath.
It is getting easier and a lot less painful.

The Vision

I fly and swim across the Space and Galaxy and connect with all the stars.
The Cosmos is the Origin.
Just visualizing this gets me the sense of becoming One, Oneness, Free Spirit.
This is my life time vision ever since I have launched Here and I have kept it all to myself.


Defeat Ego
Personal revolution is inevitable and it will drag you if you resist.
And you become the privileged one.
The multi angular and multi dimensional life theme is just so delicately, accurately, and deliberately orchestrated and I can not find one single word to express.
We all are here to learn, elevate, and evolve.
To discover and recover True Self.
To unlock, to connect.
To heal in order to go to the next level.
Now I see
I did not choose the Path.
The Path chose me.
And I know why.
I know why I exist and know what I need to achieve.
I am Me.
I am my own teacher.

I believe our imperfect perfection.

Hae Jung

"From the beginning, I had a sense of destiny, as though my life was assigned to me by fate and had to be fulfilled. This gave me an inner security and though I could never prove it to myself, it proved itself to me. I did not have this certainty, it had me."

Carl Jung

Hae Jung is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and Nationally Certified Chinese Herbalist . 
But her journey to the Path has begun far earlier on even before being engaged with the institutional system.
Hae treats wide ranges of disorders caused by either emotional or physical imbalances.
Physical discomforts affect emotions and in the same manner emotional Imbalances can cause physical discomforts as manifestations of mental state.
Knowledge is an intellectual base and there should be a powerful healing force on an
intuitional level.
Sufferings in all levels - Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual - can be healed -
This is her Faith and Reality.
Healing and Elevation.
Not just treatment.

Once the channel is open
we can conduct already connected energy at any time.

Hae Jung is currently practicing Chen style Tai Chi Quan which is a part of continuous self cultivation and discipline.
Aha! Eureka! are the best moments in daily lives.

By Appointment Only