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acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Healing,Brooklyn, NY

Doraji Acupuncture and Herbs offers healing on all levels —
Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual as one unit because that is what we are(unless we are humanoids or androids). 

Not all the stars in the sky are satellites.

In a nutshell, people go for TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) for the big Map of Physical, mental, emotional pain, wounds, imbalances, many labels of illness, and for Spiritual connection with Self or Higher dimensions - at least in this practice.
Instead of questioning what TCM can do, ask yourself what your true Goal would be.
I am telling you when Ego and Fear are involved, it becomes a Hide and Seek game with self and and you get stuck in an infinite loop.
You feel ready but not really ready.

Ultimately, going forward toward 'Wholeness as a whole being' is the purpose of the journey.

Acupuncture needles are made of nothing but stainless steel however it is more about Who is conducting the whole orchestra of Healing.


I have been climbing my own Himalayas to be on this Path.
The each purification stage was necessary to be in tune with the purpose of my existence and to truly connect to myself and now I am ready to say "I am who I am."

The calling
Divine Dilemma
Surrender to be free
(skipping fiction like non fiction stories and details)

The multi dimensional and multi angular life theme is so delicately and accurately planned and arranged and I cannot find even a single word to describe and I have no other choice but to be humble.

We all are here to learn, elevate, and evolve.
To discover and recover true self.
To unlock, connect, and flow.
To heal in order to go to the next level.
To Surrender is not to be defeated, the deep and true meaning to me is to defeat Ego(pseudo protection that locks you up), not to fight to keep it,
in order to make a breakthrough to liberate self.

Hae Jung is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and Nationally Certified Chinese Herbalist . 
But her journey to the Path has begun far earlier on even before being engaged with the institutional system.
Hae treats wide ranges of disorders caused by either emotional or physical imbalances.
Physical discomforts affect emotions and in the same manner emotional Imbalances can cause physical discomforts as manifestations of mental state.
Knowledge is an intellectual base and there should be a powerful healing force on an
intuitional level.

Once the channel is open
we can conduct already connected energy at any time.

Along with being on the Healing Path, my another passion and commitment, self discipline is practicing Chen style Tai Chi Quan under the only grandmaster in NY.

Silk reeling, internal energy(Qi) rotation, flowing water looks calm and gentle but it has continuous power, it doesn't stop to flow.
It is like gentle dragon and powerful tiger.
Such flowing energy is combined with healing energy during the sessions.

The Sun and the Moon are round, the Earth is round.
Wheels are round to move.
If our eyeballs were square, we cannot roll the eyeballs.