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Photo by Gabriele Brancati

*Please Contact via Email first before your visit.

*Practice opens by appointment only - practitioner is moving around like free wind.

*NO Walk-Ins without appointments - Only the air will answer you - the practitioner is gone with the wind.

* This practice is not an herb store or a store.

* Herbs/formulas are for the acupuncture patients of this practice for a complete TCM system, and for practice integrity.

1.We don't accept walk in patients because practitioner is moving around like free wind
  and it's not the way the practice system works.

2. Please arrive 5 minutes early on your appointments - Not too early like 30 minutes -Rhythm breaks.

3. The Box Below is for an appointment and briefly and clearly state what you are looking for -Blank and unrelated/irrelevant subjects/contents go to Spam folder
- Automatic filtering.

4. Please specify the date/day/time you would like to schedule an appointment if you have on mind.

Monday through Friday
9 am- 4 pm.
The last appointment is 3 pm to finish by 4 pm.

Off on Red days on the calendar

Email reply
During the operation hours/days.

Phone number
Deleted due to enormous amount of unrelated/irrelevant calls.

We do not offer Phone Consultation.
Human to Human in person interaction is real.

318 Lewis Ave 2
Brooklyn NY 11221

The space is very comfortable and beautiful but NOT a Home office.

Serious Seekers only.
Follow your intuition if this practice feels right for you before 'Contact'.

Some knock on the door,(contact with all their stories with urgency)
When the door is answered,(replied)
There is No one but air.(disappeared, ghosting - Strange)

Prompt reply is a courteous action and for a smooth, crisp and clear scheduling, Never about Push, and all appointments are made via Emails, we are not confirmed until confirmed via Emails.

For New patients to schedule an appointment,
Please notify us some days ahead of time.