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I deleted pictures and last names for patients' privacy.

I am deeply grateful to you all for taking your precious moments to share.

Hae Jung

24 I began working with Hae in June of 2015, which marked the beginning of being very different.
I went in with ailments.
Skin issues, weird digestion, stress, unhappiness, anger.
I pretty quickly discovered I was living the wrong way, actually approaching life in a way that wasn’t sustainable. Hae summed it up like this for me one day.
She asked.

Do you want to know the meaning of life?
I said, Absolutely!
She said, it’s Go With The Flow.
I thought I’ve heard that before, it holds no meaning for me.
She said there’s two kinds of energy we put out into the word.
There's energy that takes our joy, hurts when we give it, makes sickness. This is the opposite of the meaning of life.
And then there’s energy that makes us strong, builds us up, brings health, vibrancy, passion…gives us the courage to keep going. This is the meaning of life.

Interestingly, I thought I was living passionately, thought I was living fully…somehow ignored I was miserable mostly…sad, full of tears…wanting to be different.
Didn’t take long to uncover with Hae that I was stuck in my head and ego driven, no judgement, was my armor. She helped (is helping) blast me open, reminded me to live from my heart no matter what, to accept nothing less.

There are times in life when change happens, starts with a raging storm, morphs into a gentle breeze. My life was full of lighting and thunder and was manifesting as rage which produced sickness.
Hae is a Healer, doesn’t ignore the full picture of what the person is actually experiencing, looks right into the Heart of everything Courageously, and works to Cure.

I’m a different person, feel so lucky to be on the right path now.
Happy to say.
There’s no turning back.

Marie K

23 It has been over a year since I first started my journey towards health through acupuncture with Hae. Acupuncture is an overwhelmingly rewarding experience and process. It’s exceeded my expectations with the depth and breadth of life facets it touches—once you begin your exploration you will find so much beneath the surface of what you consider your health problems.

Hae is the perfect person to help you work through all the things holding you back and causing you pain and stress.          
Specifically for me, I came to Hae with chronic back pain that had increased sharply over last winter. I was under extreme stress with my job and feeling generally run down and unfulfilled, somewhat lost in my path through my own life. The physical pain I was experiencing I can now see as the end result of my mental and emotional state that had been deteriorating for many months.

After my first session I knew that Hae was a very unique soul and different from any other health professional that I had ever met. In our first meeting she took an extensive review of each and every aspect of my health and wellbeing.

Do not expect a standard doctor visit that will skate over your issues and try to only heal your symptoms- Hae goes after the core of the problem and works from the inside out, instead of the other way around. She looks at you as a whole person instead of just the one aspect that you feel is the issue. I felt peace sharing with her. She is a true healer and she expressed that healing is her mission in life. It is inspiring and admiral to see someone so dedicated to her craft (because at times it feels like she is performing magic!) Her acupuncture studio is spacious, clean, and inviting with beautiful personal décor.  You feel at peace and comfortable from the first visit.

It is truly only now that I see and feel the full effects of my sessions with Hae.
I stopped regular acupuncture at Hae’s suggestion last fall, with one follow up session late this past winter. The effect on my mental state is still improving and changing me, which is really incredible to me, but 100% genuine. I have made so many positive changes in my life and since relieving myself of the intense stress and burdens I was carrying, I have been able to see the future I truly want sprawling out in front of me…it is a very moving experience.

I could go on and on about her skill, expertise, wit, and caring attitude.  Eastern medicine is a very different approach to health that many are interested in but afraid to try (I have an aversion to needles and trust me I have never felt afraid or in pain from acupuncture needles!). If you are searching and have not found something that works for you, I encourage you to give acupuncture a try.
Just know that your time is well spent with this master of healing. With an open mind you will definitely find the peace and health you have been searching for.

Lauren C

22 Hae Jung is an amazing and gifted healer. I went to her only a few weeks ago because everything seemed out of sync in my body. I was out of shape, eating poorly, sad, anxious, stressed, low self esteem, and low energy.I felt like my life was a mess. I've had acupuncture before where the practioner placed needles in, put me under the heat lamp, and left the room for an hour or so to "cook".

Hae Jung DOES NOT do this. There is nothing clinical or routine about your sessions with her. She taps into what you need, and will address it with what she sees fit.
She communicates; asking you questions or sometimes making a statement about you that shows how well she is tuned into your energy.
It's as if she knows your thoughts and feelings sometimes. You can't help but relax and feel comfortable in her presence.
During my first session, Hae told me that I need to be good to myself and that I need to stop trying to please others so much.
She put the needles in, and handed me a handful of tissues. Within seconds, I began to cry. I didn't understand why, but it felt good. She understood. Isn't that what we need sometimes? Someone who gives us permission to show our emotions without judgement.

I left her office feeling great! I have had four sessions with Hae Jung and have seen amazing changes in my life, how I see myself, and how others see me.
My friends have told me that I actually look different physically- happier and less stressed. They tell me that I'm glowing!
I sleep well, have beautiful vibrant dreams, and have less anxiety.

I work out regularly, and eat well. I've felt this need to try new things and take classes to learn those things. I'm also in the process of making moves for a possible career change. Instead of wearing dark colors, as I have for years, I find myself choosing brighter and lighter shades. I've even had to remove certain negative or sarcastic elements from my life.

They just don't fit me anymore. It's as if someone has lit a fire under me to make good things happen in my life- for myself. I'm learning to take care of myself and it feels wonderful! I would recommend Hae Jung to anyone struggling and in pain.
You don't have to feel that way anymore. She's going to help you to feel your best.

Hae Jung has changed my life and I am forever grateful for that.

Nikki S

21 Finding Hae is almost like discovering something so awesome, you want to keep it all to yourself.
I've had all kinds of treatments from both western and eastern doctors and I have experienced many forms of alternative healing techniques.
I'm originally from Santa Fe so I was exposed to all the new-age lah di dah stuff from early on.

My point is that I am no stranger to this kind of approach to medicine which is precisely why I can say with complete positivity that Hae is the real deal.
There are a lot of phonies out there, trust me.
Initially I was put off by her location because it seemed so far from Manhattan, but after going to her once I've been trekking back every Wednesday ever since.

It's become a pilgrimage of sorts. Once you enter her beautiful space, you'll realize you're making the choice to get better and I guarantee you, you will.
Thanks Hae!

Maggie F

20 I have known Hae Jung 9 years and have been the beneficiary of her empathetic healing, patient bedside manner, and extraordinary humor many times.

When I was suffering with postpartum depression and insomnia, complicated by my desire to breastfeed, she was the only one whose treatment got me sleeping again.
She treated my anxiety and depression with her acupuncture and wonderful herbs.
She has also helped me with back pain and anxiety. But Hae Jung would be the first to say that what you think is wrong with you probably isn't the whole story.

She takes her time to find out what's troubling you and she is willing to work in concert with other modalities you may be using - Western or Eastern.
She is motivated solely by a desire to help her patients heal. Whether you are skeptical of alternative medicine or already a true believer, your time with Hae Jung will be transformative.

She is the embodiment of an empathetic provider.
She is also a real mensch.

Amy M

19 Working much too hard, being constantly stressed out, not getting enough exercise... after 15+ years I'd really messed up my health. Chronic migraine headaches and exhaustion were making it hard to live the life I wanted. Western doctors diagnosed several autoimmune conditions and prescribed thyroid medications. I was told I'd simply need to take the meds for the rest of my life, and I should be fine. Only I didn't feel fine. I kept getting more exhausted, still got chronic headaches (thankfully not as painful), and felt all kinds of other new uncomfortable symptoms. Over the years, I also saw several acupuncturists (across the U.S. and in China) and tried other traditional healing methods. Most helped, but nothing had a strong lasting effect. I wasn't getting healthy. At best, I was just managing to get by. On bad days, I was in chronic pain, unable to function.

Finally I got up the energy to find a new acupuncturist and went to see Hae Jung . I didn't have much hope, I just wanted a boost to try and make it easier to feel a bit better some of the time.

I've now been going to see Hae Jung for about a year. At the very beginning, she told me she knew exactly what was going on. It would take a long time, but she could cure me -- cure. I was skeptical of her promises, after years of talk and promises that never came true. I was going to only believe actual results. Well, I've since seen such results.

I no longer take any thyroid medications. I feel better than I have in years. I haven't had a migraine or severe headache in months. I do expect be fully cured, to have a balanced, functioning hormonal and immune system, to live strong and healthy.

I really don't know what makes Hae Jung different than other acupuncturists, but her training, her lineage, her intuition, and her experience have somehow merged into a serious force for healing.
She approached my conditions in a way that has helped me more than, well honestly, more than everyone else I've seen combined.
I truly don't know what would have become of my life if I hadn't met her.

Jen S

18 When I first started seeing Hae Jung I suffered from many illnesses, ranging from depression, sleep problems, migraine and allergies. For as long as I can remember anxiety and suicidal thoughts has been a part of my daily life.
I thought it would be something that's always there. Over the years I had been spending both time and money going to doctors, but to no avail. Most of the times it only made me feel worse, and the side effects were horrible. I began to believe that my painful anxiety would be something I had to live with. Though deep down I didn't want to believe that.

When I started seeing Hae Jung I didn't have any expectations, but I also trusted her completely from day one. I just knew that she had a gift of helping and healing people. Her expertise has helped me through every step and she has always been supportive, compassionate and very intuitive. After only two weeks of taking the herbs I saw an incredible difference. It was like a veil had been lifted. No more suicidal or racing thoughts, no daily anxiety. I also slept much better. In addition, there was no side effects to taking the herbs. To this day, the symptoms have not returned.
I cannot tell you what a relief to not have to deal with that sickness anymore.

A big part of my life had been given back to me.
Even if you suffer from something like this doesn't mean that you have to. Also the medication you get from many doctors only treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause. Plus the side effects can make you sick.
I am deeply grateful to Hae Jung and I hope that maybe someone else is  willing to try acupuncture and herbs due to my testimony.
It has truly changed my  life!    
Caroline V

17 If you're reading this testimonial, then I assume that you're wondering whether or not to have Hae Jung work on your health issues.

If you want my short answer it would be - absolutely! Run to her office! Don't wait! Don't walk! Don't give the disease any more of your energy.
If you want to understand why I feel this way, read on. 

I have been using acupuncture as my primary healthcare method since 1986 when I first experienced a very stubborn bout of insomnia in college. Since then, I've gone to an acupuncturist for everything from bronchitis and back pain, stress and depression, fear and fibroids. I've always had pretty god   results. But I didn't realize that I could have permanent cures until I met Hae Jung.

To give you a sense for what it is like to get treatments from Hae Jung, I thought, at first, that I would describe the very long list of tricky health issues that Hae Jung has resolved for me. But a list is just that. A list. And many others here have listed their symptoms and how they've been resolved, so I won't really delve into mine here. I thought that it might be more useful, instead, to describe what it is like to be worked on by Hae Jung since she is so utterly masterful and unique in her practice.

I hope you find my remarks helpful. You would be forgiven, if after your first meeting, you assumed that Hae Jung was an ordinary acupuncturist who makes standard herbal formulas. After all there isn't anything about her office, her treatment room or her demeanor that would suggest otherwise.
Here you see the wall of herbs, over there next to the window is the herbal cooker in the air you smell the earthy scent of herbs.The bookshelves and desks look like they would fit into any normal office.
Rugs on the floor, wind chimes in the windows and a small desktop water fountain are all items you'd find in most healers' offices.
So it's understandable that you'd peg her as just another, everyday, ordinary acupuncturist.

Unfortunately, you'd be dead wrong.

Here's why. When you talk to Hae Jung you may initially describe a cluster of problems - maybe insomnia or persistent anxiety, even nightmares, asthma, or moodiness.
Perhaps you tell her that you're bothered by pain or indigestion or a racing heart.

As you talk you may notice that Hae Jung isn't really looking at you, but she seems to be looking through you or even behind you.
It may even appear that she's not paying close attention to what you're saying.
But then she interrupts you to ask an odd question or two.
What's happening is that Hae Jung has already unleashed a can of diagnostic whup-ass on the problem. It's just that you and the cluster of problems don't know it yet.
She knew it the moment you walked in the door. Everything you tell her simply fills out the picture with more detail.

This is one key skill that sets. Hae Jung apart from most other acupuncturists, she can see you, and what ails you, in an instant and as an entirety. As a whole system. And because she has a clear view into the "iceberg", as she calls it, or the puzzle, she is able to strategically melt away ice, fit your broken parts back together and heal the core injury.
When you present her with a handful of random leaves or symptoms, she is able to see the entire tree and the root system that the leaves grew out of. In an instant she has a bead on the problem.

I found Hae Jung completely by accident in the summer of 2010 after I had run out of a powdered herbal formula that I had obtained from a clinic in California.

Even after years of experience with acupuncture, I was not prepared for the insightful, but often off-handed questions Hae Jung asked me, nor was I prepared for her ability to pinpoint major areas of distress from old injuries I had forgotten about.
But what completely blew me away was her method of needlework which demonstrated another aspect that sets her apart - her willingness to wrestle - almost physically & directly - with the health problem.

Most acupuncturists will set needles into meridian points and then leave you to rest on the table as is.
That's not how Hae Jung works. Initially, for me, she needled a few points and then stood by watching for a change. She checked my skin temperature and asked very specific questions.
A few minutes later he added additional needles. After a few more questions, she added yet another set of needles and waited.

When suddenly, without warning, I burst out in enormous, full body sobs, I knew that she had uncorked the problem she was looking for. She follows the trail of a problem, traps it and pounces.
There's a reason why she is called a Tiger.

Never, in all my years of experience with acupuncture had I known that needlework (or herbs) could directly tap emotions or alter the expression of symptoms. Nor did I realize that all the previous acupuncturists had missed what Hae Jung saw as a glaring and obvious problem.
Here, clearly is a rare, unique, master healer who can see a core problem when it's camouflaged or buried under other problems. Very rare, Very effective.

If you choose to bring your health issues to Hae Jung, whether they seem big or small, chronic or acute, mysterious or mundane, understand this:

-   The needles don't hurt, in fact they feel so gentle it's hard to believe that   they will work at all. -   Hae Jung will not simply make you feel better with a few needles and then send you on your merry way with a bag of herbs.
She will relentlessly seek out the core problem until she can root it out. She is committed and stubborn and very funny. -   the herbal formulas are powerful and gentle with long-lasting effects across a wide range of physical, emotional even spiritual symptoms.
They'll fix a lot of problems you didn't know you had because, again, they work from the root outward. -   Hae Jung may not be able to explain exactly what she's doing or how the treatment works.
My take is that it's less important to understand the mechanics of the medicine but more important to accept that you will get   better. You must be ready and willing to get well.
Hae Jung will bring an arsenal to the table, you'll need to bring readiness to heal - The treatments may re-expose old hurts or injuries you have forgotten about,
but they can be dealt with.

I went to Hae Jung with low energy, disrupted sleep and mood swings.

4 months later a minimum of 10 issues have been resolved in addition to these items. Many things have been fixed or cured that I assumed were permanent aspects of my health.

If you've read this far, then my last comment is this - when in doubt say YES!

Best of luck to you.

Ajay R

16 It’s many years since I last had an appointment with Hae Jung but I will never forget how skilled and caring she is. I first went to see her when I was recovering from kidney cancer. As well as helping me to heal physically,
Hae Jung also taught me a lot about health in general. Her enthusiasm for her work, her sense of fun and her warmth make acupuncture sessions with her a fantastic experience. I am now back in my native London and I haven’t managed to find a UK acupuncturist who is anywhere near as great as Hae Jung.

Highly recommended.

Precious W

15 I've been a patient of Hae Jung's for years originally seeing her for migraines and throughout the years for various aches and pains. Most recently, Hae Jung assisted in my pregnancy treating me for nausea and later assisting in the induction of my labor. Throughout the years, she has been a constant in my life because the treatment actually works. Acupuncture and herbs cured my pain where western medicine failed me.

I have recommended her to several friends and family and all have experienced impressive results after going for treatment. Not only is Hae Jung skilled in her field she also treats her patients with extreme thoughtfulness and care.
Thank you Hae Jung!  
Meredith W

14 I went to Hae Jung because I was sweating way too much, especially at night. Also, work-related stress would build up in my chest and head, leaving me tired and unable to concentrate. After a combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatments, my sweating problem is gone and the built-up stress is totally under control.

I have more energy, feel lighter, sleep better and I have not gotten sick all winter. Hae Jung Park is a great listener and a skilled diagnostician. She finds the root of the problem, explains it to you and then creates the most effective course of Chinese medicine and acupuncture to treat it. I am a healthier, happier person because of Hae Jung  and I enthusiastically recommend her services.          

Ben A

14 Hae Jung has been treating me for over a year and I could recount many stories of how she has helped me when other doctors have failed, but i will describe my most recent experience since it so clear. I developed a pain in my left wrist that was getting much worse as the day went on. By 11pm, i couldn't move my wrist at all. simple hand moves like buttoning my shirt and holding a fork were impossible.
I was extremely freaked out as I am a professional drummer and wrist damage is not something that i could live with. If it was earlier, i would have tried to see Hae right away. since it was almost midnight at this point, i went to the hospital. It was a terrible and useless experience that put me back on the street at 6am with my entire forearm in a splint and a pocketful of prescriptions for antibiotics and painkillers and i don't think they knew what was wrong with me. Hae was able to see me the following day.

By the end of one session, i had full mobility of my wrist again. I never filled the prescriptions and i am completely back to normal. As i mentioned, i have a lot of stories about how Hae has helped me, but this one couldn't be more precise. Hae turned me from a stress case in severe pain to complete recovery in under an hour.

Tom K

12 I have lived in pain and discomfort for the past 32 years. After sustaining a terrible injury due to an explosion, years of pain medication with little or no results led me to try acupuncture. I was skeptical at first, but after my first 2 sessions - I'm now a believer. In its results-A marked decrease in physical pain in my back and legs plus a general feeling of well being I have not had in years. To those skeptics who don't believe in acupuncture's benefits, What have you got to lose?
Just your pain.    

John  E

11 When I first came to Hae Jung , I was very tense, stressed out and feeling disconnected from my body. Her space is serene,warm and beautiful.
Through acupuncture and herbal treatments Hae Jung  has helped me manage my stress levels and feel more complete. She is an intuitive healer who consistently manages to understand the source of whatever physical or mental tension I come to her with.
Her treatments leave me feeling refreshed and relaxed and her herbal prescriptions help me to maintain that balance in between visits.  
I am very grateful to find her.    
Emily L

10 I’ve been seeing Hae Jung to treat asthma. At the time I was taking Singulair asthma medication every day and was regularly using an inhaler.
I had regular acupuncture sessions and took Chinese herbs twice a day.
Within two weeks I was off the Singulair. Within a month I was using my inhaler about half as much. Before Hae Jung I was also a person who got sick regularly.
I feel like those days are gone. Thanks to the combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs (and while I was at first skeptical, I must reiterate that the daily herbs were, and are, essential).
I have asthma under control and am living a remarkably healthier  life.  

Michael E

9 Before I started seeing Hae Jung, I struggled with headaches and low energy for many years. Since receiving Hae Jung's treatments and herbs,
I feel so much better. The headaches are almost gone and I have so much more energy now. I really appreciate the way Hae Jung works. She's intuitive, responsive, and considers how my aches and pains fit into the whole picture of my life.
I have experienced many insights about my life through working with her. Hae Jung is a dedicated, very spiritual, intuitive and compassionate healer. I'm so glad I found her!  
Rosemary W

8 I really enjoy coming to see Hae Jung. At first I was scared of acupuncture, but after the first time I already became a fan.
I could actually feel how acupuncture and herbs helping me with my headaches, making them less strong and painful.
Hae Jung really enjoys what she does and you can tell. She really dedicates time and energy to you and she does what she needs to do to help you.  

Eva R

7 Dear   Hae Jung!
I just wanted to write you a little note of thanks for finally getting rid of my headache. As you know, my headaches have been reoccurring since I was in my teens; I had almost forgotten what it feels like not to have that constant pain. I am not sure if it was the acupuncture or the herbs or maybe it was   the combination of both...but I have been headache-free now for almost three   months. That is the longest I have ever felt "normal" in about seventeen years. I love the feeling thanks to you.
Thank you for being so caring, attentive, knowledgeable, professional and   just overall wonderful.          

Francis J

6 The experience of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with HaeJung transformed me into a different person. It has awakened my true spirit and made me more intuitive. My daily eating and drinking habits changed,
I had lost the desire for junk food and my immune system also became a lot   stronger than before. I no longer need to take that many Tylenols and   prescribed medicine from pharmacy during certain seasons of the year.
Hae Jung not only heals physical ailments but also heals on a spiritual level, she taps into your deep emotion, sees it, and melts it.
The  bottom line is I don't regret experiencing acupuncture and Chinese herbal   medicine. I only question myself “Why didn't I try these healing methods during my teenage years?”  

Owen L

5 Working with Hae Jung continues to increase my health and well being as time goes on. I have a more positive outlook, have much more energy for work and workouts, and am no longer feeling run down or experiencing frequent colds and illness. I highly recommend her.
And because the herbs she is using are sulfur and preservative free, there is no problem taking them. Comparing to what I have taken in the past, which is sulfured, her herbal medicine tastes great.  

Karen E              
4 Hae Jung has been my acupuncturist for nearly 5 months now. I had been referred to her by a very good friend who raved about her ability to naturally heal a wide variety of ailments and balance the body. I had trouble sleeping and, with Hae Jung's acupuncture and regiment of medicinal herbs and teas, my sleep improved as did my overall countenance. Since then, she has helped me with allergies, headaches, backaches, and quitting smoking. Before her, I had never even considered acupuncture and was fearful of what it might entail. Now I whole-heartedly endorse her.
Thanks Hae Jung!

Jacqueline S

3 I went to Hae Jung seeking relief from a chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. After my first acupuncture treatment with her I was completely free of pain, felt energized and I left the session with an open and positive outlook. Since then I have returned regularly for treatments with Hae Jung , and each time it is a centering and edifying experience.

She explains the science of Chinese medicine in layman's terms and demonstrates positively through her work, the benefits of a holistic approach to one's health. She is a true professional and an intuitive healer who has helped me, as an artist to unlock creative blocks and to foster a balanced approach to my mental and physical well being.          
Tae Y

2 I have been working with Hae Jung in both herbal and acupuncture approach to total health and well-being.
This is NOT a 'new age' method to health but an ancient approach to holistic wellness.

Hae Jung's practice has been helpful to me in the areas of stress management, weight control, digestive issues, lack of energy, and lower back/skin problems. Some of these were more chronic than others but I have made progress on all of them with Hae Jung.
I have recommended Hae Jung to both family and friends. I rarely provide testimony but I am grateful to Hae Jung for her practice and personal treatments. Hae Jung is an artist with holistic medicine and she is genuine.
Her healing is worth a million bucks!

Patrick F

1 I have known Hae-Jung for about six years now. I first came to her as I was suffering from chest pains that no one could help me. In fact, at one point it was so bad, my doctor thought I might be having a heart attack and sent me to the emergency room to have a number of tests done. After finding no help for my condition, I decided it couldn’t hurt to turn to acupuncture.
I did some research and found Hae-Jung’s practice. I went to see her and she was absolutely amazing. After one treatment, my pain was gone. Over the years I have continued to see Hae-Jung for a number of issues. I really can't say enough wonderful things about her. She is an extremely talented healer. She is kind, caring, compassionate and truly bonds with her clients. She genuinely wants to help and see her patients happy and healthy.

Stephanie H