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  • Acupuncture First Visit/More than One year since the last visit
    Consultation, TCM Diagnosis, Treatment, and more detailed depth.

  • Follow Up
  • Clear, transparent Map of Truth and Direction, a Vessel to get there.

  • NO haziness in a maze, Exit sign is right there.

    TCM is core Healing, more than Needling work.

  • Some call Qi Gong, the others call Rei Ki, Energy healing

    Same Universal energy.
    Qi/Chi/Ki    = Bio-electricity

  • When a 3rd party is making an appointment, payment should be made in advance to make it crispy, simple, and clear, and to reserve the spot.

    Forms of Payments

  • We can no longer accept credit cards, Square Up deactivated account due to rare usage of their services.

  • If you need to use credit cards, please link them to Venmo.
  • Venmo/PayPal/Cash/Zelle.

  • For HSA, if you need Superbill, let us know.


    Our practice does not participate in insurance.
    If your insurance covers acupuncture, we will provide Super bill for your reimbursement.