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  • Acupuncture First Visit/After 1 year from the last visit
  • 160
    You will go through thorough steps.
    This fee includes Initial consultation, Treatment, and Herbal Consultation.
  • Follow Up
  • 100
    Sounds are part of healing modality also.
  • Costs of herbs vary depending on forms -
    *Raw herbs
    *granules/ pills/duration of dose -
    and some luxury herbs (Ginseng, Lurong, Cordyceps, etc.) are more than the others.
  • Missed appointment/Cancellation in less than 12 - 48 hours
  • 50 % of fee
    Missed appointment/Cancellation happens extremely rarely and you know I am generous and flexible on a humane level and I understand Emergency.
    And I cancel first for your safety on certain occasions.
  • No Home visit

    Doraji Acupuncture and Herbs holds your appointment for you even when others request the time.

Acupuncture is tax deductible
Payment: Cash, Check, Master/Visa, and Flex spending(HSA).

Our practice doesn't participate in insurance but if your insurance covers, we will provide paper work for you to get reimbursement.
Please contact your insurance company to see if your plan covers acupuncture.