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My Blue cup and Journal
"From the absolute solitude,
There connected an umbilical cord to the higher power."
The Only Truth I can say at least with confidence is that
I am on the right Path.
A Wind has found its path where to go.

Bury me in the burning golden Sun
My ashes enter Eternity and infinity
My karmic chains are melted off
I will never come back again
Into the deception of Hologram

Longing for the place
Where there is no time, no space
Where my spirit and soul don't get locked up in a physical body
Where there are no misunderstandings, no boundaries between
Where I can fly with the wind
Where my cycles finally end

You keep doing the wrongdoings
Deceiving self and the other
Betraying your own heart
To harvest sadness and misery
Voluntarily becoming a captive and slave of demons
You sold your Soul, Dignity, and Spirit to become a hollow plastic mannequin
What for?
For what?

The battle between Darkness and Light
Who wins?
Who owns the real power?

In the midst of darkness
I never give up following Light
As long as I have breaths
The number of my tear drops are counted and remembered
And they turn into diamonds in the Milky ways

I held and grasped the cord so tightly,
Not to beg for life,
But to connect.

Scars are there as part of my path,
But All my wounds got healed.

I used to be very ashamed of my struggles.
I saw them as my weakness and tried to hide them unseen.

Not any more.

"They do not realize that their mental disturbances of worry, egotism, and so on, and their spiritual blindness to the divine meaning of life are the real causes of all human misery.
When a man has destroyed mental bacteria of intolerance, rage, and fear, and has freed his soul from ignorance, he is unlikely to suffer from physical disease or mental lack"

"Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you.
The future will take care of itself."
Paramahansa Yogananda

The power of Forgiveness
"Destructive thoughts about past events improve neither the world nor our life in it. Quite the opposite: the smouldering fires of old disappointments,
of annoyance and rage, or a toxic mental cocktail composed of jealousy and resentment only make the heart heavier and gloomier. We tend to turn away from people who have the smell of sarcasm about them."

The core of the Ho'oponopono:
The Four Magic Sentences

I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you
(I forgive myself, I am sorry, I love myself, Thank you)

I am sorry
I apologize. I perceive that I suffer, and that connects me to my feelings.
I no longer reject the problem, but recognize my learning task. I or my forebears (with whom I am connected energetically, genetically and by tradition as much as by history) have caused harm.
Now, through the power of the spoken word, I am freed of this guilt.

Please forgive me
Please forgive me for having, through myself or my forebears, consciously or unconsciously disturbed you and me in the course of our evolution.
Please forgive me for having acted contrary to the divine laws of harmony and love. Please forgive me for having until now judged you (or the situation), and in the past disregarded our spiritual identity and connectedness.

I love you
I love you and I love myself. I see and respect the divine in you. I love and accept the situation just as it is. I love the problem that has come to me to open my eyes.
I love you and myself unconditionally with all our weaknesses and faults.

Thank you
Thank you, for I understand that the miracle is already underway.
I thank God and the angels for the transformation of my request.
I give thanks, because what I have received and what will come to pass is what I have deserved through the law of cause and effect.
I give thanks because, through the power of forgiveness I am now freed from the energetic chains of the past.
I give thanks that I may recognize and join with the Source of all Being.
Ulrich E. Dupree

Yin and Yang
Being and non-being produce each other;
Difficult and easy complete each other;
Long and short contrast each other;
High and low distinguish each other;
Sound and voice harmonize each other;
Front and back follow each other;
In order to contract,
It is necessary first to expand.
In order to weaken,
It is necessary first to strengthen.
In order to destroy,
It is necessary first to promote.
In order to grasp,
It is necessary first to give.
To be bent is to become straight.
To be empty is to be full.
To be worn out is to be renewed.
To have little is to possess.
Written by Lao Zi, Taoist, 5th century BC.
Taoism is not a religion, Nor a philosophy.

It is a 'way of life'. Tao is the natural order of things.

" So addiction isn't my fundamental problem. The problem is spiritual.
To less abstract, it's a life problem. Addicts refuse to live life on life's terms. They refuse to grow up and walk through pain that everybody feels. They feel entitled to remain their comfort zones even if doing so comes at the expense of others. They refuse to do things that push them outside of themselves. And so if my illness is spiritual in nature, then so must be my solution."
The Privileged Addict
Page 100
Charles A Peabody

Yin and Yang can be divided down to ten, and then further down to one hundred, to a thousand, to ten thousand, and to a number so great as defies calculation; yet in essence all these are but ONE.
Nei Jing

Synchronicity has become part of my life.
It is not confirmation bias.
I do not look for weak proofs.

One language,
Cyber Tower of Babel, reaching a god of technology.
Convenience creates great inconvenience.
Empty faces with no true ID are covered by many layers of masks.
False intimacy on sad Merry go Round.
Being afraid of deep real human connection,
They perform their own phantom of operas on 2D world.
A huge glazed plastic turkey looks so good in 2D.
The followers drool and go frantic to Like!!!
They cannot even see rootless insecurity and fakery.
Who am I
And who are they?
What is going on?
I am watching very boring and sad movies.

And One day.
When internet shuts down,
Apocalypse for those, the End of their world.
And from there
Humans go through catastrophe of purification.
Some seek for True Wireless Connection.

My hypothesis.

I am a little warrior who have healed self completely
My wings became strong and my vision got clear
I can fly across the Eternity and Infinity
I live on integrity, dignity, and truth
Each painful step only gets me a clearer confirmation of my true Identity
And I celebrate each and every single step of my pilgrimage
with both tears and glee
I have surrendered to the Wheel of karma and obeyed the Divine Law
- on my own ways -that has been existing from the beginning
No other choice
On my last breath on this Earth and this life time
I will smile
The Gateway will be joyful
I love myself unconditionally
I exist everywhere and nowhere
I am another universe aligned with Universe
This is who I am
And I know why I am here
I do not follow anything but Truth

Either kill me or show me the way
I screamed
And the passages opened

Solar Flares
When my soul is weary
I look at the East in the morning
The Sun is always there
I just do not see when it rains
Facing to the East
I am in a crystal clear light balloon
I go wherever it leads me
The balloon is as light as a feather
It floats high up in the sky
And moves with gentle winds
Looking at the world through the balloon
I am connected and disconnected
I travel between 2 different dimensions
I am nowhere and everywhere
Being here as a Being is the greatest mystery and a puzzle
And I go back to square one
Solar Flares
Burn and purify
Born near the Little Powder River in 1863, Black Elk was an Oglala Lakota, or Sioux, Indian. He grew up to not only become a great warrior, but also a medicine man, just like his father. He also followed in the footsteps of his famous second cousin, the war chief named Crazy Horse.
When Black Elk was 18 years old, he left his home and moved to the Pine Ridge Reservation in Dakota Territory. Just a year later, at the age of 18, he settled near the famed Wounded Knee and became the healer of his tribe.

In addition to being a warrior and a healer, Black Elk did something else, too. Have a guess?
In 1886, at the age of 23, Black Elk began appearing in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. He performed in cities across the country, and even traveled to Manchester, England with the show. He eventually grew tired of this, and returned to the reservation in 1889. He joined the Ghost Dance Movement, a Native American group who believed that certain song and dance rituals would cause the white man to leave their lands. They also believed these songs and dances would bring the buffalo back and help them to re-establish their old way of life.
After Black Elk was wounded during a battle, he had no choice but to surrender to Red Cloud, a Sioux Chief. He remained on the reservation, converted to Catholicism, and chose to live the rest of his days as Nicolas Black Elk.

Native American, Warrior, Healer, Medicine man


Whoever digs a pit will fall into it,
and a stone will come back on him who starts it rolling.
Proverbs 26:27
Bible and Karma

True strength is about showing my weakness without fear.
I became strong enough to show my weakness.




Aurora Borealis

As above, so below
As within, so without
As the Universe, so the soul
(Like Yin and Yang)

Hermes Trismegistus

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe,
Think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nicola Tesla

How would you could you know what Peace is like
Without being in the fields of all battles of strong winds from all directions
- Bitter tears, heart tearing and penetrating pain, complete desperation,
And absolute Solitude?
The Peace I have found is the only and the most lustrous Pearl existing
In the whole world

I am holding it in my hands
It is tangible, substantial, and solid


Extreme selfishness is as equivalent as extreme weakness
And is used as pseudo protection