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318 Lewis Ave #2
Brooklyn NY 11221
929 210 8560 (Landline/Texts don't come through)

Practice opens and operates By Appointment Only. Practitioner is moving around like free wind.
This practice is not a Home Office,

Not an Herb/Tea Store.
Herbal formulas are for patients of Doraji Healing.

Sitting Bull

Before you consider an appointment as a new patient

  • Please follow your intuition if this practice feels right for you.
  • If you need acupuncture, there are so many practices to choose from.
  • The Fee neither represents the work nor the practitioner.
    There are things that cannot be measured/calculated by materials.
    When the Path chose you, it is more than just work.

    I suggest that you go with your intuition.

    Both parties should be on the same page in the book of Healing.
    Healing is not a New Age fancy thing.

    You need to question yourself why you exist and what the purpose is.
    What you would like to tackle.
    - Aren't you curious?

    Your practitioner/healer will become more motivated with enthusiasm.

  • Please either be on time or arrive 5 Minutes early.(not TOO early like 30-45 minutes - rhythm breaks)

    Have a great day!



By Appointment Only